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About Fikra

Fikra is the first entity in Saudi Arabia that is specialized in creative solutions.

It aim at creating a future of businesses based on investment in creative ideas and developing intangible assets offor enterprises in an innovative mannerthat ensures high returns from creative investment in these enterprises. We seekatFikra to be an icon in introducing new investment approaches that applies "conceptual era" principlesto the Saudi market based on expertsviewthat business future will be to whom uses the right side of the brain which related to intuition and creative thinking .. as creativity forms the real competitive advantage for businesses in future. Fikra works in partnership with Tamkeen International for Sustainable Solutions which is the first Saudi company specialized in sustainable solutions.

Our Objectives

For the creative investment centers to be creative and knowledge references for the targeted entities
To highlight the values of sustainability and to align with the local and international development agenda
Diversify the sources of income by finding diversified investment portfolios and new opportunities
Achieve excellence locally and regionally in the creative investment field

Applying an integration methodology
Designing and developing innovative products and services through creative partnerships with local, regional, and international entities

Why Fikra

Improve decision making system towards clients
Effective and sustainable results
Achieve investment returns from intangible assets
A team specialized in creative investment

Our Products

Creative Consultancies

Provide creative consultancies to develop the programs and initiatives in governmental and private organizations

profit and nonprofit organizationsí sustainability

Make an integrated environment that invests in creative resources in a sustainable manner

Content Investment

Evaluate, analyze, and produce the creative content for government and private enterprises


Eventsí Creative Strategies

Strategic production of creative events from conceptphase to implementation that ensures sustainable outcomes of the events and in accordance with high communicative qualitystandards

Media Creative Investment

investing in the print, audio, and visual media contents

Creative Editorial Hall

Providing creative editing services in all its forms (text, audio, visual) using the latest technical tools in this field such as graphic designs, motion graphics, and asf

Creative Initiatives

Design innovative initiatives that are relevant to thetargeted enterprisesí activity in various sectors

Creative Workshops

Organize workshops that are based on investments for profit and nonprofit organizations and institutions

Establishing Creative Departments

We work onEstablishing creative departments that are concerned in developing skills, leadership, and innovation within organizations to raise employeesí productivity and achieve excellence in enterprises and companies

Establishing Creative Investment Centers

Which are a comprehensive centers to create, develop, produce, and invest the creative content for the major sectors in government organizations,companies and nonprofit organizations

Creative Consultancies for Troubled Projectsand enterprises

Creativity Partners

Contact us



3152 Musa Ibn Nusayer St

P.O. Box 51742

Riyadh 11553

Tel: +966 (11) 4821199

Fax: +966 (11) 4825533